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Over 400 Lives Saved in 2019 From San Diego Organ Donations

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The nonprofit that coordinates organ donations in San Diego and Imperial counties said Wednesday that over 400 lives across the country were saved from San Diego-based organ donations in 2019.

Lifesharing, the federally designated organ donation group in San Diego, reported 415 life-saving organs were transplanted in 2019, that's 100 more than five years ago. Everything from hearts to lungs to intestines has helped save hundreds of lives.

“The difference is the generosity of the people in San Diego. More and more people are registering to be an organ donor," said Lisa Stocks, Executive Director of Lifesharing.

Team members from Lifesharing travel to local hospitals to help families process their loved ones' deaths and guide them through the organ donation process, given the family member was a registered donor.

Lifesharing said fewer than 1% of people die in a way that allows for organ donation which has resulted in a severe shortage of organs nationwide. Organs donated in San Diego can be sent all over the country to patients in need.

San Diegans have repeatedly showed that organ donations help people live happy, grateful lives, Stocks said.

"Transplant recipients live a full life, give back to the community, have kids, have grandkids, get married," Stocks said.

To register as an organ donor, go to their website.

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