Oceanside Dredging Project Restores Sand Before Unofficial Start of Summer

Oceanside’s beaches are getting a makeover just in time for Memorial Day.

When all is said and done, about 280,000 cubic yards of sand will have been added back to the beach. That’s enough to fill two to three football stadiums.

The sand may be placed along the near shore which is just outside of the waves or it will be placed directly onto the beach.

The city of Oceanside is constantly fighting erosion on its beaches which can leave the shoreline looking very rocky.

At the same time, nature moves the sand into the mouth of the Oceanside Harbor which can be dangerous for boaters.

“If we don't dredge it almost every year, it will fill in and make it unsafe to navigate,” said James Fields of the Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District.

It’s something the Army Corps of Engineers has been doing every spring since 1970s. The Los Angeles District covers everything from San Diego to Morro Bay.

Last year, the dredging project didn’t happen in the spring because of a paperwork delay. So in the fall, the agency had to implement an urgent dredging to clear away the sand.

When high surf occurs, the project can be delayed in order to protect workers and equipment from injury or damage.

"It'll make a big impact on the beach, particularly right in this area, because the waves come up and they erode the material so much,” said Fields.

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