North County Coyote Animal Attacks Have Residents on Alert

Two coyote attacks over the weekend in Carlsbad have residents there on high alert.

Some residents have taken their concerns to the social media site, Next Door, to warn others about the animal attacks.

On Friday, a dog was killed near Interstate 5 and Poinsettia Lane and then two days later, a cat was killed in front of the owner’s home in the same area.

Still, animal control experts say there are steps owners can take to keep their pets safe. Coyotes spend up to 20 hours per day hunting.

Urbanized and easily adaptable to changing living conditions, coyotes don’t shy away from urban areas.
That’s why Animal Control Officer Dan DeSousa says we need to adapt to them.

DeSousa recommends that residents recognize that coyotes are most active at dusk and night. Also, the animals can jump 6-foot fences, so using a safeguard like a coyote roller -- a ribbed roller that mounts to fences -- could help ward them off.

While some residents are worried, DeSousa said coyotes are good for our ecosystem because they keep rodents under control.

Residents can learn more about how to stay safe from coyotes at a community lecture offered by the county. He said those living in Rancho Bernardo and Oceanside have also reported coyote sightings.

“We have been asked on several occasions to come out and talk about how to coexist with coyotes,” DeSousa said. “That’s something we’re more than willing to do.”

To find out how to host a community lecture on coyote safeguards, visit this site.

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