Non-Exempt SDSU Students Living On Campus Given 1 Day to Move Out

SDSU said it was expediting its move-out plans in anticipation of shelter-in-place mandates implemented in other cities across the state amid the coronavirus pandemic

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Many San Diego State University students living on campus were sent a letter Tuesday telling them they had just one more day to finish up the majority of their move-out.

In the letter, the university explained it was expediting its move-out plans in anticipation of shelter-in-place mandates implemented in other cities across the state.

SDSU told students the "majority of move-out should occur by tomorrow, March 18 at 7 p.m. Those exempt from the order include students who cannot go home, students with known health or safety risks, and students without an alternative residence to return to.

The letter included a survey for students to fill out so the university can determine if they fall into an exempt category.

NBC 7's Artie Ojeda heard from students and faculty dealing with the adjustment.

Students will be allowed to leave larger items that aren't easily movable in their rooms for pickup at a later time, the school said.

Those staying on campus will have to navigate other changes and restrictions on campus meant to keep students safe and limit the spread of disease, including limited dining options and meal-time gatherings, closed gyms and recreation centers, and prohibition of guests on campus.

SDSU students and college students across the county have had to adjust to rapidly-changing day-to-day life in just the last week. On March 11, SDSU decided to move most

The university was scheduled to complete its transition to an online only class schedule by April 6, but developments announced by county leaders and health officials March 12 led SDSU to end most face-to-face instruction starting on March 13.

Lab-based classes were initially going to be allowed to continue until March 20, the university said. On March 15, the university announced lab classes were also canceled.

In-person undergraduate research was also suspended, the university said.

The last day of classes for the spring semester is May 7.

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The campus will remain open, and faculty and staff should continue coming to campus for work, SDSU said.

SDSU said it will support students who choose to complete their semesters remotely.

As of March 12, Explore SDSU, Gradfest and Student Success Fee Programs are canceled, as are all non-essential public events scheduled between March 12 and April 8. Decisions regarding May commencement ceremonies will be made no later than March 20.

All spring sports games competition has also been suspended indefinitely.

Earlier this month, SDSU suspended all of its study abroad programs.

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