MJ's Minute-Chargers Players Talk Locker Room Fashion

Antonio Gates is Adjusting to the New NFL Style

The Chargers are off on summer vacation after wrapping up mini-camp Wednesday afternoon.

While they're taking a break from x's and o's, some of the guys are working on something very important: their swag.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means swagger or our overall demeanor and level of confidence. For most, “swag” is heavily influenced by your wardrobe.

Have I lost you?

Veteran Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is right there with you. At 35 years old, he finds himself looking to his younger teammates on how to stay hip.

"Age is a number, so I feel younger because I'm around younger guys,” he said. “I got the music; the younger music is totally different from what I got. The jeans are so much tighter now. Everything is so different now so I'm trying to adapt to that whole situation. The guys are wearing stuff that we just wouldn't dare wear. So it's just one of those things where I'm just adjusting to everything and enjoying it at the same time."

Gates often speaks about his friendship with Bolts wide receiver Keenan Allen who came into this week with the news of a four-year contract extension. Gates has been a mentor for Allen since he joined the team, but now Allen says it’s his turn to be the teacher.

"I’m just trying to keep him with what's hot right now. He still likes wearing those baggy pants and fitted hats and I'm like ‘Gates you have to calm down. Take a breath and watch me now.’ You watch me off the field when I get dressed and when we go on the field I'll watch you” Allen said.

Wednesday’s minicamp was the last OTA of the off season and you could sense the excitement on the field.

The defensive players have been in high spirit since off season workouts began. Their sideline celebrations seemed bigger each time they hit the grid iron as they forced turnovers in practice. While we're still months away from hitting the field for the first preseason game, the players and coaches are confident in the progress they've made so far.

"I'm very happy with the off season program. I couldn't be happier at this point in time” says Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy. “There always going to be some mistakes in every practice we have and some things we need to clean up, but very pleased with the way the players have worked. Whether it's bringing in the new free agents that we've brought in, the way they've practiced every day, the way they've worked--the veteran leadership and then the way the draft picks have fit in, it's really going to help our football team moving forward."

The Chargers are off for the next five weeks and will return for training camp at the end of July. The Bolts head to Tennessee to face the Titans in week one of the NFL preseason.

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