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Mid-Coast Trolley Expansion Continues to Make Progress During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting just about every type of business. One business, however, that continues to thrive is that of construction

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The Mid-Coast Trolley Expansion project is continuing to make good progress despite the pandemic's grip on other types of businesses.

Construction crews with SANDAG just started building the parking structure for the Nobel Drive station. They are still working hard but they’ve had to make some changes with each site; like more handwashing stations and staggering work crews to help with social distancing.

More meetings are held virtually and everyone is wearing face coverings at each site.

They’ve been busy over the last couple of months putting down track, finishing bridge decks, and extending the trolley line to add service from the Santa Fe Depot stop in downtown to the University Community area, serving popular areas like Old Town, UC San Diego, and University Towne Centre.

Although the lack of traffic isn't impacting the project very much, lack of train service, is.

“In normal circumstances or even current circumstances, whenever a train is approaching, certain activities need to stop. Now with less trains going by on a daily basis, they don’t have to stop as much,” explained Ramon Ruelas, Mid-Coast Corridor Director for SANDAG.

Despite all these changes, it has not changed the completion date.

The trolley expansion should be open to all of us by late 2021.

Workers want to remind drivers that even during this time with less traffic, please be cautious, and follow the speed limits, especially in work zones.

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