San Diego

Mexico Congressman Climbs Border Fence to Protest Trump's Wall

A congressional leader in Mexico climbed the border fence between San Diego and Tijuana and posted the video and images on social media Thursday.

"Human rights, principles and dignity are non-negotiable," said Braulio Guerra, a state representative for Queretaro. Guerra had announced his plan to climb the fence March 1.

The posts to Twitter, written in Spanish, called President Donald Trump’s plan to spend billions to build a wall between the two countries “absurd” and “unnecessary.”

He said it also will harm the relationship between the two countries.

On Jan. 25, President Trump signed an executive order to construct a "great wall."

The plan to build a wall between U.S. and Mexico has outraged some leaders in Mexico. Especially the idea that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall.

A website to accept bids on building the proposed border wall will be open as of March 6.

Eighty percent of Mexico's exports are to the U.S. The Trump administration also has floated the idea of a border tax on Mexican products.

Construction cost estimates have varied widely. There are currently 354 miles of pedestrian fencing and 300 miles of vehicle barriers.

Republican leaders in Congress have said Trump's wall would cost between $12 billion and $15 billion, while Trump has suggested $12 billion.

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