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Mayor Faulconer Plans Veto While Funding is Blocked for a Special Election in San Diego

Later this week, the mayor is expected to veto the city council's move to pull funding away from a special election.

Backers of "SoccerCity" remain hopeful that San Diego voters will still get to cast ballots on the proposed billion-dollar project this year.

Money for a special election was pulled Thursday from Mayor Kevin Faulconer's budget -- a move he plans to veto.

On the docket schedule, this political showdown has two weeks to play out. Democrats have a 5-4 majority on the City Council but they'll need a sixth vote to override a veto.

Failing that, even if the $5 million funding to underwrite a special election is restored, their five votes could still block a special election outright if they hold ranks.

Faulconer wants voters to cast ballots in November for Soccer City, plus hotel tax hikes for a convention center expansion, street upgrades and homelessness programs.

Sherman says building trade unions pressured Democrats not to support a special election, because construction contracts wouldn't favor their members.

"It's all or nothing,” he said in an interview Tuesday. “Can't you share in the pie and make a good deal for everybody? At the end of the day, the best deal is when nobody gets everything that they want. And here in this deal, it was a good deal on the table."

Special election backers warn that San Diego will lose out on being awarded a Major League Soccer franchise without a special election.

They also say staggering costs will be added to a larger convention center, and street work and help for the homeless delayed.

"Every Council member in this chamber has said we are in the middle of a homelessness crisis,” Sherman told NBC 7. “ So the solution is to wait a year and a half to come up with a dedicated revenue stream to try and solve the problem? It makes no sense.”

The mayor's veto is expected later this week.

Next Monday the Council takes up the proposed Convention Center expansion issue, and turns to SoccerCity on June 19.

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