Man Threatens Land Mine to Stop SDG&E Work

A Valley Center man unhappy with SDG&E work near his property threatened to plant an explosive mine to stop it.

In an email to NBC 7 Thursday, Frits Versteegh, who lives in the 30500 block of Spearhead Trail, said SDG&E recently installed a metal post on his street. The installation had damaged an earthen wall that protects the road from being washed away by water running down, the suspect claimed.

Versteegh said he made calls to the utility, but when he did not get the response he wanted, he was taking "the matter into my own hand now."

In his email, Versteegh wrote he was burying a mine that he made himself in the area, targeting SDG&E work trucks. He planned to put a sign up warning about what he had done.

NBC 7 forwarded the email to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, which dispatched its bomb squad to the man's property.

Sheriff's Lt. Dan Brislin said they took Versteegh into custody and immediately began a search of his home. They blocked off Spearhead Trail for about two hours, but no evacuations were necessary because the homes around Versteegh's were vacant, said Brislin.

The bomb squad has not found any explosives on the property or in his home.

Versteegh was booked into the Vista Jail for making a bomb threat.

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