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Local Gym Finds Way to Survive, Thrive During Pandemic

GFit South Park has expanded outside of its space, initially as a response to county-mandated closures, but now as a positive option for clients

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The back and forth with restrictions has been a roller coaster for businesses trying to make it through the pandemic. A South Park gym is doing it’s best to stay open for their community, while also finding an opportunity to expand.

Kristen Lucek told NBC 7 she had just purchased GFit South Park, a fitness studio, six months before the pandemic hit. She had to think fast and move her entire business online, allowing clients to rent equipment for their homes.

“Everyone has to be flexible that has been the biggest lesson throughout this whole pandemic,” said Lucek. “I’m definitely a social connector. I love humans. I love energy. So that was a struggle in itself, you know.”

They made it through and now she offers both indoor and outdoor classes. But, the constant threat of San Diego county potentially falling into the most restrictive purple tier is stressful.

“We have lost a lot but we also are working very hard to either get those numbers back from our prior clients or just getting some new fresh blood that hasn’t necessarily checked us out, because their gym has closed,” said Lucek.

Rachel Locke, originally from New York, found GFit to be the perfect community for her and has been a loyal client through it all. She maintained her exercise by joining the virtual classes from home.

“It’s both the release that I get from the exercise and feeling connected to the people in my community. And those two things for me have been really important,” said Locke.

Lucek said her programs aim to help the whole person and address physical and emotional setbacks many might be experiencing during the pandemic.

“Having that regular release through exercise was crucial. I mean I told them several times, it sort of saved me from going a little crazy every day,” said Locke.

For both women, the focus is to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

“Day by day has been my mantra for 8 months,” said Lucek.

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