Local Golfers Share Their Thoughts on Olympian Ricki Fowler

Golf has not been part of the Olympics since 1904.

Golf is back as an Olympic sport after more than 100 years and representing Southern California in Rio, is golfer Rickie Fowler.

Fowler is from Murrieta but he is well known by many people in San Diego.

NBC 7 spoke to some local golfers who said they were proud of him and could not think of a better ambassador.

"He's just such a down to earth kid," said Brian Kelley, who works at the Stadium Golf Center in Keany Mesa. "He's willing to sign any autograph, talk to anybody, help anybody out."

Kelley told NBC 7 he played golf with Fowler at Bear Creek in Murrieta. He says the Olympian is a great representive for the U.S., calling him talented and passionate.

"He's bringing juniors and athletes and motocross kids because he did motocross as a kid," Kelley said. "You know, so there's a lot coming over from that playing golf that never played golf before."

Fowler, who has an active presence on social media, is also known for his lively and colorful outfits and his camraderie with other golfers.

While some of the top golfers chose to not go to Brazil, Fowler is one of the few who is representing the U.S. in the 2016 Summer Games.

Golf has not been part of the Olympics since 1904.

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