Local Business Donates 75,000 Pairs of Gloves to Local Hospital

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A San Diego business owner spent his Saturday morning along with friends and family loading up boxes of gloves into the back of his pickup truck to donate them to a local hospital.

Jared Vedra and his father, Dennis Vedra, own Car Glo an automotive detail supply business in Kearny Mesa.

Hearing the need among nurses and doctors the Vedra's tapped into their resources and called their suppliers.

Asking for donations on Instagram, they received almost $3,000 in donations in three days. They were able to get 75,000 pairs of gloves. The total amount coming out to more than $4,000 but Jared Vedra said he and his dad covered the rest of the tab.

"I think we have 1,700 followers so we're by no means a big company, and I said ‘hey I'm going to be buying a lot of gloves if people want to pitch in for it,’" Jared Vedra said.

The father-son duo contacted Sharp HealthCare to see if they would accept the donation.

"They've accepted everything with open arms, I wish we could do more,” said Dennis Vedra.

And they will do more. Next week their supplier gave them first dibs on 200,000 additional gloves and nearly 200,000 masks.

The company says they've been contacted by numerous businesses in our county looking for gloves and masks, but for now, they're focusing on helping hospitals.

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