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Iconic ‘Roundhouse of Value' in La Mesa Under Demolition

An iconic car dealership in La Mesa that's been considered a local landmark for decades is nearing its final days. 

Known as the Drew Ford Roundhouse of Values, it's a sight thousands driving on Interstate 8 and State Route 125 have taken in each day for more than 50 years.

The unique building in La Mesa has glass walls as high as the eye can see and unforgettable steel frames. It was built in 1967 to resemble the Ford Rotunda from the World's Fair in New York. 

"It was just a really good landmark," East County resident David Morero said. I could tell people to meet me there or something and everyone would always know what you're talking about."

Many San Diegans bought their first car at the lot. Others have memories of slow dancing, and maybe even a first kiss, on the showroom floor during high school prom.

"It's kind of sad to see it go because it's the stalwart of the community and it's such a landmark. People just need to keep that same little family kind of feel about the community,"

A little-known fact about the Roundhouse is that it was designed to be movable in case Caltrans ever wanted to widen the freeway or build a new one in its path -- and SR-125 came pretty close.

Construction crews started working at the building last week and with each day, another piece is removed.

In 2014, SoCal Penske Dealer Group took over the Drew Ford dealership and wanted to change the space. Now a new building and showroom are set to take its spot.

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