San Diegan Wins $3.25M Playing Scratchers Lottery

La Mesa resident Kevin Boson says he’s had luck with the lotto in the past, but this time takes the cake

A retired truck driver from San Diego’s La Mesa area has scratched his way to millionaire status: he just won $3.25 million playing the California Lucky Life Scratchers lottery game.

Boson bought the winning Scratchers ticket for $5 at a 7-Eleven store located at 7602 University Ave. in La Mesa. When he scratched off the ticket, it revealed he had won big.

“I couldn’t believe when I scratched off to reveal the ‘LIFE’ symbol,” Boson told California Lottery officials.

Boson happily posed for a photo with his winning check, smiling from ear to ear at his good fortune.

The winner plans to spread out his millions over the next few decades by taking the annuity option, which will pay him $2,500 per week for the next 25 years.

For now, his game plan is to buy another house and pay off a car that he recently bought.

This isn’t the first time Boson has gotten lucky with the lotto.

Boson said he’s won $2,000 on a Daily 4 ticket in the past, as well as $1,000 on another California Lottery Scratchers ticket. However, this recently prize takes the cake.

The avid lottery player said he often shops around for tickets, not only sticking to one store.

“I go to all different stores when I buy tickets,” said Boson.

According to California Lottery officials, Boson is the second lotto millionaire to come out of San Diego County in the last two weeks.

San Diego resident Tessie Paiva, 77, won $1 million playing Powerball last week, calling the victory a “blessing from the Lord.”

The retiree, who’s on a fixed income and living in mobile home park, told lottery officials that while she loves her neighborhood, she has been living with some problems at home, including termites, a sinking floor and a leaking roof. Until now, she didn’t have the money to fix her home.

Paiva said she’s truly grateful for the $1,079,602 coming her way thanks to lucky ticket, which matched five out of six winning numbers in the Powerball draw on Apr. 23, missing only the Powerball number 12. She bought the ticket at Mission Marketplace at 3772 Mission Ave., Suite #315, in Oceanside.

“For the rest of my life I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to be a burden to my family,” she said. When prayers go up, blessings do come down.”

Paiva also plans to help her family and contribute to her beloved church in San Diego.

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