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Impostor Maintenance Worker Detained for a Second Time After Posting Bail

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The man accused of posing a maintenance worker while stealing people's valuables is back in custody after posting bail.

La Mesa Police arrested Corey Henson, 45, and charged him with burglary and identity theft in a series of apartment burglaries that have happened in La Mesa since January.

Detectives were able to identify Henson after showing a witness surveillance videos from the crime scenes. 

Henson was arrested Wednesday. He posted $100,000 bail and was released from jail Thursday morning.

Henson went to the La Mesa Police Department Friday afternoon to retrieve his car that was impounded by police when he was arrested. After he got the car, the cops tried to arrest him again in connection to another burglary.

Henson then took off, initiating a police chase near La Mesa. He then crashed into a pole at University Avenue and Parks Avenue.

NBC 7's Erika Cervantes details the charges the man is facing.

After crashing into the pole, he took off and ran into a nearby neighborhood.

"I saw some guy running up the street and all of a sudden he dipped into my neighbor's driveway and I knew he didn't live there," said Jacob Henderson.

Henderson said he was able to spot a police car down the street and flagged them telling them where Henson was.

Henson was taken back into custody, charged with burglary, along with receiving stolen property, theft, evading police and committing a felony while out on bail or with a prior conviction.

His second bail was set at $250,000.

Henson’s arraignment is set for Feb. 19 in San Diego County Superior Court.

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