Husband Claims Lemon Grove Councilwoman Assaulted Him Over Life Insurance Policy

Liana Lebron is accused of physically assaulting her husband who is an El Cajon police officer.

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Lemon Grove City Councilwoman Liana LeBaron is accused by her husband, an El Cajon police officer, of physically assaulting him over his life insurance policy.

LeBaron ,32, was arrested Monday, April 18, and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. The next day the Sheriff’s Department served her with an emergency protection order during a city council meeting.

In a request for a domestic violence restraining order, LeBaron's husband said she “hit me, kicked me, bit me because my life insurance policy was only $100,000 and she said I needed a higher amount …”

He also writes that "she threw items at me to include my armor plate carrier (bulletproof vest) weighing approximately 20 hitting me in my legs.”

LeBaron told NBC 7 she and her husband are going through a divorce and that his accusations are false.

“My husband and I are going through a divorce," she said in an email to NBC 7. "Because he is a police officer, he understands the legal system better than I do. He called law enforcement during a recent argument and claimed that I threw a portion of his uniform that hit his shin. His claim is false, and he admitted that he has no sign of injury to his body. He got the legal system involved before I did so that he could make himself out to be the victim rather than the aggressor and not lose his ability to carry a gun or his job. I look forward to telling my side of the story in court and to having my name cleared."

City Manager Lydia Romero said the city is aware of Lebaron's arrest but didn't offer any further comment.

“The city has been made aware of the recent arrest of Council Member Lebaron for alleged domestic violence. The City has not comment regarding the specific allegations at issue at this time but recognizes the severity and seriousness of domestic violence in general," Romero said in an email to NBC 7. "If you are a victim and need help, please reach out to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence at 1-800-799 SAFE (7233)."

A hearing on the restraining order is set for May 10. The District Attorney’s office says it is reviewing the case for potential criminal charges. For that, Lebaron is due in court June 6.

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