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House GOP's Trumpcare Vote Upsets Local Dem Lawmaker

One of the Democrats who represent three of San Diego County’s five Congressional districts says “cold-hearted” is an apt description for the health care insurance measure passed Thursday by House Republicans.

“They actually made it worse in the final amendments that they put in it”, Rep. Susan Davis (D-53rd District) remarked during Friday’s recording session for Sunday’s edition of NBC 7’s “Politically Speaking”.

Health care is a familiar issue for Davis, having served on various House committees since 2001.

She has a background in medical social work, and championed major funding for research into curing AIDS and cancer.

Davis is hearing talk that Senators may be inclined to “start from scratch, essentially" and methodically examine the House bill.

"What we saw happen wasn't an agenda that was really focused on care for people, “she said. “It actually focused on major, major tax cuts for the wealthiest. It focused on 'How can we get rid of those government subsidies that people -- some people -- didn't like’."

Davis noted that the Congressional Budget Office didn't have time to "score" the legislation, as it traditionally does, to predict the potential effects.

Her view is that the measure lessens coverage and protections, and imposes higher costs.

“It affects people in a very personal way,” said Davis. “I know it does me.”

In her estimation, unfavorable "pre-existing condition" issues may apply to nearly half of prospective enrollees.

Davis says a number of alternatives for keeping health care costs down are worth investigating -- and that the House Education Committee, on which she sits, will be involved in the discussions.

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