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Homeless Man Returns Woman's Cashier's Check, Rewarded With Kindness From Strangers

After finding and rightfully returning a $676 cashier's check, a San Diego homeless man walked away with more than $15,000 and a new friend.

Yesenia Del Valle said she looked anxiously for her cashiers check with no avail after losing it on April 18.

Later that night, Del Valle said Sergio Juarez knocked on her door and proved that good people still do exist. And one act of kindness led to another.

"I couldn't believe that a person that was homeless and didn't have a job nor money for gas, took the time to find me and return this check for that amount of money," Del Valle said.

Juarez has been living out of a Motel 6 with his wife and three children after losing his job and apartment.

After learning about his situation, Del Valle said she felt compelled to help.

She created a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising a few thousand dollars for Juarez and his family.

The campaign went viral and has raised close to $20,000.

For Juarez, the kindness of complete strangers left him and his family speechless.

"Once I get back on my feet, I plan to pay it forward," Juarez said.

If you wish to donate to the Juarez family, click here.

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