Hit-and-Run Driver Struck Pedestrian, Stopped, Then Drove Around Victim: SDPD

Authorities are looking for the car and driver who struck a man crossing the street in Mira Mesa on Saturday evening, then fled.

San Diego police (SDPD) said the crash happened at approximately 8 p.m. in the 10800 block of Camino Ruiz near New Salem Street, off Mira Mesa Boulevard. 

A man in his 40s or 50s was crossing New Salem Street southbound. He was in the eastbound lane when a black sedan or coupe-type car struck him. Witnesses described the vehicle as a black sports car. Police do not have a further description of the car. 

The car fled the scene and was last seen driving southbound on Camino Ruiz at a high rate of speed. Officers said the driver stopped, reversed then continued to drive around the victim.

"I'm shocked dismayed and a little bit angry," Mario Hayes told NBC 7. He said he crosses the street there often and drivers don't always pay attention to pedestrians.

"I've come to quite a few close encounters," he explained. "They're on the cell phone or they just want to get from a to b and they just don't pay attention to the cross walk blinking they're not looking for that."

The man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He is undergoing surgery. 

San Diego Police Traffic Division is investigating. No further information is available. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the police. 

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