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Hillcrest Restaurant Expands Proof of Vaccination Requirement

Beginning August 6th Restaurant and Bar Urban Mo's will require proof of vaccination for both indoor and outdoor events

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A popular restaurant and bar in Hillcrest made the news when it became one of the first local businesses to implement a vaccine requirement for customers, and now it's expanding the rule.

“It’s all about safety for our community. One of our core values is safety,” Urban Mo’s Co-owner Matthew Ramon said.

Urban Mo's implemented a proof of vaccination requirement for patrons at indoor events on July 31. Starting Friday, the rule will apply to outdoor dining and events as well.

“It’s a good thing now that we are seeing a rise in the cases,” Urban Mo’s customer Gus Simoes said.

Customers NBC7 spoke with generally had positive views on the requirement, but some objected.

“I’m like against it. I feel like, I thought like the United States was supposed to be about expression of freedom,” Tigga said.   

Some people are conflicted about the new requirement.

“To be honest with you, I’m actually in between because it could be a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing is, as far as health-wise, you want to be in a safe environment, but in another word it’s bad because it could be bad for business because what if you only have six people that are vaccinated?” Resident Tiffany Knight said.

The proof of vaccination requirement expansion by Urban Mo’s comes shortly after New York City announced they will begin phasing a citywide requirement to provide proof of vaccination status for indoor dining, theaters and gyms beginning August 16.

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