Heartbroken Dad: Cops Could've Saved Her

For the first time, the father of a woman who was killed after a Chargers game is talking about his daughter's death. 

"Oh my God, she was such a beautiful girl,"said Gus Azero about his 33-year old daughter Janette while visiting Hazard Center Drive where his daughter was struck by a car.

"To me this place, to think my daughter that I'm not going to see her anymore, that really breaks my heart,"said Azero.

On Sunday, Janette and her fiance Rolfe Ordona got off a trolley at Hazard Center in Mission Valley after attending the Chargers game.

San Diego Police traffic investigators said the couple were jaywalking across the street when they were hit by a car.  Rolfe suffered a concussion and his liver was lacerated.

Janette, an emergency room nurse at Paradise Valley Hospital, died from her injuries.

Police said Janette and Rolfe were at fault.  "Because of the fact that the two were not in the area where they were supposed to be crossing and they were crossing against a red light, the driver is not responsible for this death,"said San Diego Police spokesperson Monica Munoz.

Investigators also said Janette and Rolfe were in a group of about 15 people who were also jaywalking.  That information is disturbing to Gus Azero.  He thinks officers should be stationed at trolley stops on game days to help guide the crowds across the streets and make sure they use the crosswalks. 

He also believes that the fence that runs between the trolley stop and the roadway should be extended to the intersection so pedestrians would be forced to use the crosswalk.

"In some ways the city should be liable for some kind of safety measures especially when a lot of people are coming out of the trolley," Azero said.

He plans on calling city leaders to see if anything can be done to increase patrols around trolley stops on game days.

On Saturday, a public viewing is being held for Janette Azero at Humphrey's Mortuary in Chula Vista from 5 to 9 p.m.

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