Harmony Grove Resident Calls Unburned Home “A Miracle”

One Harmony Grove resident says it's a miracle her home is standing

More than a dozen structures were destroyed in Harmony Grove during the Cocos Fire, but some homes escaped the flames and were left almost untouched.

Cari Krumme watched as the fire raced over the hillside towards her home on Bresa De Loma Drive, reaching her fence and driveway. The fire surrounded her home on all four sides.

“It burned all along the west side, up on the north side and the east side,” said Krumme.

She said there were around a dozen fires on her nine-acre property.

She evacuated with her children and animals as firefighters battled the blaze through the night.

“I went to sleep that night, and I didn't sleep. I woke up and prayed to God, and everybody was praying, and then I saw our house on the news, and Brian came up here and he was like 'We still have a home,” Krumme said.

The Krumme house only had minor damage from an ember that caught part of the roof's side on fire. However, firefighters were able to stop it from spreading.

Krumme said she’s grateful to the brave crews who risked their own lives to save her home.

“Thank you is so insufficient to express how how grateful I am. It really is, it's a miracle, it's a miracle. And I can’t believe the devastation around my property and that the fact that, our home did catch fire,” she said.

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