Naval Base Security Alert Prompted by Sailor Playing with Airsoft Pistol

A sailor playing with an air soft gun inside a Navy barracks prompted an alert

A sailor playing with an airsoft gun inside a Navy barracks prompted a security response and shelter-in-place order on Naval Base Point Loma, Navy officials confirmed to NBC 7 Thursday.

Base Commanding Officer Scott Adams described the suspect as "a young, enlisted sailor" who lives on base.

"He was actually firing shots of the airsoft pistol out of the window toward a mirror in the parking lot," Adams said. Airsoft guns are designed to shoot soft plastic pellets.

A tenant of the base called security personnel and reported an armed person around 10 a.m. 

In response, a portion of the base was ordered to “shelter in place” as naval security forces and NCIS set up a perimeter around the barracks.

The suspect and a friend inside the barracks called their commanding officer once they realized NCIS had been called.

The two were taken into custody without incident.

"We are dealing with young sailors, and we inform them what is and is not appropriate but at some times, these things happen," Adams said.

Weapons are not permitted in the barracks, Adams said. However, it's unclear if an airsoft pistol is considered a weapon under that policy.

San Diego police said their Emergency Negotiations Team, consisting of police, FBI agents and NCIS officials, was requested to assist base officials. 

There are dozens of commands located at the facility tucked away on the penninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay.

Among them are Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) and seven submarines.

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