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Grandmother Hit in Head With LMPD ‘Less Lethal' Projectile Remains in ICU

Leslie remained in an intensive care unit Sunday

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A grandmother involved in Saturday night protests in La Mesa is in the hospital after being hit with a "less lethal" projectile by police.

Leslie Furcron was standing near the La Mesa Police headquarters at 7:30 p.m. just before things took a violent turn.

Protesters at the police building were mostly peaceful, though some people did throw water bottles and rocks at officers who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

As chaos broke out, Furcron was hit by a bean bag round between her eyes. The force knocked her to the ground and people nearby rushed to her aid.

Other protesters were also injured, some in the torso and many struggled to get the tear gas out of their eyes.

Furcron remained in an intensive care unit Sunday and family members have set up a GoFundMe for her medical bills.

The La Mesa Police Department has not responded to NBC 7's request for comment.

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Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story said Leslie Furcron was struck by a rubber bullet. La Mesa police said on Wednesday the projectile was a bean bag round.

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