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‘Gift a Meal' to Benefit Local Restaurants and Those Facing Food Insecurity

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NBC 7 is teaming up with Feeding San Diego for their "Spread Love San Diego" campaign. The goal for the month of February is to support the hard-hit hospitality industry while providing meals for locals in need.

One of the campaign initiatives was pitched by a local Girl Scout Troop as part of their Bronze Award project, which is meant to instill positive change in the community.

“[My daughter] recommended that perhaps people buy a meal at the restaurant and that meal gets provided to someone that is facing hunger in San Diego,” explained Tammy Piehl, who owns The Smoking Goat and One Door North in North Park.

Piehl said the last year has been incredibly difficult as a restaurant owner. She said her 10-year-old daughter, Lily Piehl, has a first-hand account of the struggles small business owners are facing and knows many others in the community are facing food insecurity because of job losses. So, Lily shared her idea with the rest of her troop, and everyone was on board.

“I think its enduring for kids to have this type of community spirit,” said Piehl. The young girls shared their idea with Feeding San Diego and the non-profit launched “Gift a Meal”.

“All participating restaurants would add a $15 menu item called ‘Spread Love San Diego’ and the public when they’re ordering their regular items off the menu, can add that $15 ‘Gift a Meal’ and they’re essentially gifting a meal to a person facing hunger in the community,” said Dana Williams, Director of Marketing and Communication for Feeding San Diego.

Williams said Feeding San Diego will collect gifted meals from restaurants and distribute them to San Diegans in need at local distribution sites.

“The objective of this initiative is to help drive additional revenue to the restaurants while helping feed people facing hunger,” Williams said.

“It’s heartwarming for our staff because it helps keep them employed and it's heartwarming to us, I mean it's nice to know people care and want to keep their local restaurants alive,” Piehl said.

All Restaurants are invited to join the initiative. To signup, find a participating store near you or make a donation, click here.

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