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Early Polls Show Newsom Leading Cox by up to 23 Points in Calif. Governor's Race

Two weeks before the election, polls show Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom with anywhere from an eight to 23 point lead over businessman John Cox in the race for California’s next governor.

His big lead in the polls may be one reason the race is not getting a lot of high profile attention. The heads of both major parties of San Diego County have their own reasons.

“I don’t think anybody considers John Cox a serious candidate. And the reason is, he's a big time Trump supporter,” said Jessica Hayes, the Chairwoman of the San Diego County Democratic Party.

“Part of it is, the Democrat candidate for governor is taking this race for granted and doesn't feel like he has to be campaigning,” said Tony Krvaric, the Chairman of the San Diego Republican Party.

Cox will be in San Diego for a town hall meeting that will be televised by Entravision, a primarily Spanish-speaking network.

In a news release, the Cox campaign said Newsom “again skips opportunity to discuss his dismal public service record.” The Newsom campaign has yet to respond to an email by NBC 7 as to why he declined to take part in the forum.

But both candidates have made their share of stops in San Diego over the last few months.

Newsom has spoken in front of labor union members discussing issues from gun control to police brutality.

Cox recently visited the St. Vincent De Paul homeless shelter.

In fact, the issue of homelessness and affordable housing was in the forefront during the candidates’ only debate – on radio – earlier this month.

Cox discussed the need to speed up the permitting process and ease regulations to build more housing.

Newsom discussed the need to create clearer housing goals and objectives at the local level.

But for at least one homeless advocate, something is missing in the conversation.

“What’s important to me is they address the issue of actual affordable housing, not 'affordable housing', but housing that people can afford,” said Kelly Knight with the Alpha Project.

Cox has been an outspoken advocate for Proposition 6, the effort to repeal the gas tax. The county Republican Party chair said a yes vote on Prop 6 should mean a yes vote for Cox.

“I think Californians know that they need a change. John Cox represents change, something different. What we have now is not working,” said Krvaric.

The county Democratic Party chair has a much different opinion.

“Democrats are invested in the race because we love our candidate. I don't see that same kind of response from Republicans. They don’t go ‘woo!’ They go 'is that the best we can do?’” said Hayes.

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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