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Free Mammogram Testing and Other Health Screenings Offered by Big Lots in San Diego

Free mammograms and blood pressure and blood sugar checks, as well as other health screenings were available at the Big Lots parking lot in San Diego Wednesday.

The screenings opened at noon and continued until 6 p.m., located on the 1600 block of Euclid Avenue, said health officials.

Wendy Shurelds, a Susan G. Komen San Diego community resource advocate, breast cancer survivor and co-founder of the event, spoke about the importance of mammograms and the organization's impact in San Diego County.

"I'm talking to women and I'm talking to men cause men also get breast cancer. It is so important to get your annual mammogram and we're here today to provide that," said Shurelds.

Health officials say they will continue to host these free health screenings on the first Wednesday of every month.

To qualify for a free mammogram, women must be uninsured, under-insured or low-income. Women over 40 years of age who had their last full mammogram at least one year ago qualify, as well as women who are under 40 years of age and experiencing related symptoms, said health officials.

More health resources were also provided at the event. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., attendees had the opportunity to browse a Farmers Market courtesy of Project New Village. Local farmers sold fresh produce, prepared food, crafts and more.

In San Diego, six women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, according to health representatives for Susan G. Komen San Diego. If discovered early enough, the most common type of breast cancer has a nearly 99 percent survival rate.

After working at a local university for 14 years and being laid off, Shurelds found herself without insurance and turned to Susan G. Komen San Diego for help. The organization paid for her diagnostics and treatments.

Dr. Suzanne Affalo, also a co-founder of the event, spoke about the importance for early detection, explaining her doctor's perspective and the significance of providing screenings to African American women.

The goal is to bridge the gap in health coverage available to the underserved communities of San Diego, said health officials.

In order to pre-register for next month's screenings and ask whether you qualify, call 619-269-1299 or email Wendy Shurelds at

It's the first time Komen San Diego has partnered with Kaiser Permanente, Project New Village, San Diego Black Nurses Association and San Ysidro Health Center to offer these services.

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