San Diego

First School Named After Local Japanese American Farmer Opens in Chula Vista

More than 500 students are starting classes at the one-of-a-kind school in San Diego County

The first school in San Diego County named after a local Japanese American farmer opened in Chula Vista Wednesday.

Hundreds of students started classes at the new Saburo Muraoka Elementary School. A sign welcomed students to their first day of class.

There are more than 25 classes starting for about 500 students. Currently, the two-story campus has a total of 36 classrooms.

Some nervous kindergartners struggled to say goodbye to their parents and head off to class. Although they may not know it yet, these students have a lot of exciting new resources and academic adventures to look forward to at the newly unveiled elementary school.

In honor of the Japanese American farmer and business owner, Muraoka, the school created a multipurpose room and a friendship garden.

The students will be taught lessons in both English and Spanish, and they may even learn to code.

Still, some students were a little anxious to embark on their academic journey at the new school. 

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