San Diego

EPD, Animal Control ‘Moooove' Intruders From Escondido Yard

Holy cow! Officers called to a disturbance in an Escondido neighborhood on Easter Sunday found cattle making themselves at home in a resident's yard.

The homeowner called police after hearing strange noises outside their home on Hidden Trails Road but, while there were trespassers on his property, it wasn't of the human variety. 

A pair of cows had wandered into their neighborhood and were grazing on his landscaping at about 3 a.m.

The "intruders" drew the homeowner, Jaime Rivera, and his family out of the home but they didn't seem bothered that the animals were chomping away at his landscape. 

"How can you get anything better than that," he asked. "I've never seen cows up here!"

As officers waited for animal services to arrive, the cows appeared to be milking the situation. The animals grazed on grass and planted flowers as they wandered the neighborhood. 

"I’m just wondering if they’re going to bring all their friends out here," Riviera joked. 

San Diego County Animal Services were able to wrangle up the pair.

According to an EPD dispatcher, once the situation was under control, the Escondido officer on scene wrote to his fellow officers that he was finished "assisting animal control in 'mooooving' the animals."

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