Search for Man With Hatchet Leads to Elementary School Lockdown

Law enforcement officials in San Diego's East County are on alert for a teenager accused of running through a neighborhood with a hatchet.

El Cajon Police officers say the commotion started Wednesday when Christopher Wilson, 19, was walking down the street and got into a confrontation with a homeowner, about a block away from Fletcher Hills Elementary.

Wilson pulled out a hatchet, witnesses say, and ran from the scene, possibly using the street right by the school.

Fletcher Hills was locked down around 2 a precaution, but there was no direct threat to the school, police say. Students were released one grade at a time about 15 minutes later.

Officers covered the 2200 block of Chatham Street to chase Wilson, who they call a "dangerous subject," and they eventually zeroed in on one house, where they say the suspect lives.

However, a search of the house turned up nothing.

Wilson was described as having spiked hair and wearing a black tank top and jeans.

The subject's mother was called in to use a bull horn to speak to her son when they thought he was in the house.

She told NBC 7 Wilson's own father has a restraining order against him.

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