El Cajon Police Looking to Crackdown on ‘Street Racing' and ‘Reckless Driving'

El Cajon police have seen an "uptick" in street racing along with an increase in complaints

They call it the "Avocado Raceway".

“People going way too fast, both streets!,” explained El Cajon’s Warren Wood who lives right off of Avocado Avenue.

Now this area and others in El Cajon are under a renewed spotlight by law enforcement for potential “street racing” and “reckless driving.”

“When you get down to intersection, seven doors down, it’s Chase [Avenue]. And that becomes the ‘Destruction Derby,’” Wood said.

The veteran has lived in the area for 30 years, and said people speed down these streets in the middle of the night and do donuts in a nearby parking lot.

“People don’t even begin to slow down!” said Wood.

And Wood isn’t alone in his concern.

The El Cajon Police Department (ECPC) sent out a tweet Wednesday night asking for the public’s help when it comes to “street racing” or “reckless driving".

The tweet said the city’s experienced an “uptick” in these crimes and ECPD Lt. Jason Taub told NBC 7 reports and complaints have increased recently.

Over a dozen people replied to the tweet pointing out suspected dangerous driving hot spots ---  Avocado Avenue, Chase Avenue, Main Street and Orlando Street all came up quickly.

In response, ECPD will staff a number of “Street Racing Details” with officers using overtime to crack down on reckless driving, Lt. Taub said. 

No arrests have been made and Taub would not say if there are any current suspects, adding the department is “casting a very wide net.”

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