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Rep. Duncan Hunter Campaign Mailer Called Islamophobic

Some are calling Congressman Duncan Hunter's latest mailer Islamophobic.

On the envelope are two Congresswomen, part of the self-proclaimed “squad” under attack by President Trump, and Hunter's democratic opponent Ammar Campa-Najjar.

The envelope reads, “These three radical Democrats want you to forget their Anti-Semitism or Terrorist Ties.”

Campa-Najjar sent a statement to NBC 7 criticized the embattled congressman and said he’s lost the ability to decipher right and wrong.

"First, Hunter misspelled Israel as “’Isreal,’” he said.

“Congressman Hunter’s spell-checkers are as bad as his fact-checkers. The more voters learn about me and Hunter, the more they realize the truth is on our side and that his compulsive lying and corruption will soon land him in federal prison.

The closer Duncan Hunter gets to his criminal trial, the more absurd his lies and racist attacks become. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Congressman Hunter has lost all ability to tell the difference between right and wrong, fact and fiction. It’s one scandal after another, one embarrassing news story after another, one potential crime after another, one courtroom appearance after another, and one lie after another.”

Duncan Hunter’s Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Harrison denied allegations of Islamophobia in a statement regarding the mailer.

“Any accusation that Congressman Hunter's campaign mailings are Islamophobic contradicts the fact that these pieces do not refer to Ammar Campa-Najjar as a Muslim or a terrorist. Congressman Hunter has supported Muslim-Americans for political office, including Congress, he has traveled to the Middle East and met with Muslim leaders, he served with Muslims in combat while in the Marine Corps and his office has helped Muslim constituents.”

The timing of the mailer coincides with President Trump's tweet that four members of Congress should go back to their home countries.

Voters weighing in on the tone in politics, one voter saying “In this day and age it's got to stop. It's too much,” one voter told NBC 7. Another said she thinks “It’s sad that they have to get to that point where they’re using racial undertone.”

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