Driver Shoots at Man, Son in Work Truck

The suspect fired at the victims as they pulled off the freeway in San Marcos

An unknown suspect fired at a man and his son in an apparent road rage incident after a bucket flew from the victims’ truck Monday afternoon, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s officials.

At about 1 p.m., a man pulled over on westbound State Route 78 near the West San Marcos Boulevard exit when he realized a work bucket had fallen off the bed of his white truck.

The bucket appeared to hit the tire of another vehicle. As the man and his son parked on the freeway shoulder, a suspect sped up to them and stopped in front of the victims’ vehicle.

Authorities say the suspect got out of his truck, walked to the victims and demanded the driver get out of the vehicle. Nervous about the suspect’s aggressive behavior, the victim instead reversed and drove off the freeway.

The suspect followed the man onto West San Marcos Boulevard. When the victim veered into the right turning lane to go north on Grand Avenue, the suspect pulled alongside him.

He brandished a black handgun at the driver and told him to get out of his vehicle, the victim told investigators. Fearing for himself and his son, the victim turned right to avoid the man and heard two popping sounds, which he assumed were gunshots.

The suspect did not follow him. When he was sure the man was not pursuing him, the victim got out of his truck and saw two bullet holes near his gas tank.

Authorities are now looking for the suspect. He is described as a light-skinned man, between 35 and 50 years old, 6-feet tall, 230 pounds and bald. He was wearing dark sunglasses at the time of the incident.

His vehicle is a newer, silver, 4-door diesel truck – possibly a Dodge or Ford – with black rims and dark fenders.

Sheriff’s investigators say they discovered one 9mm bullet casing and a single discharged bullet where the shooting took place, and both were entered into evidence.

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