Didn't Register to Vote? It's Not Too Late – Here's What You Need to Know

The deadline for Californians to register to vote was Oct. 19 but non-registered voters can still vote in the 2020 General Election thanks to the state’s Conditional Voter Registration law

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Election Day is just weeks away and if you didn’t meet the deadline to register to vote, don’t fret. There’s still a chance for San Diegans to cast their ballots.

October 19 was the last day to register online to vote in the state of California. Those who missed the deadline can register to vote using the conditional voter registration up until and on Election Day.

Here's how it works:

  • If you missed the deadline, you can still vote by visiting the Registrar of Voters officer at 5600 Overland Ave., during the 14 days prior to and including Election Day. On Election day you can register at your assigned polling place.
  • You will complete a conditional voter registration form
  • You will get a ballot and a green CVR provisional envelope
  • Mark your choices on the ballot and place it inside the CVR provisional envelope and seal it. Print and sign your name, and date the envelope
  • Once your conditional voter registration form is verified, and it is confirmed that you did not vote elsewhere in the state for the current election, your registration will become active
  • Your ballot will be removed from the CVR provisional envelope and counted
  • You will be considered registered for any future election if you are eligible to participate

If you're looking for a guide to voting in San Diego County, click here.

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