Cyclist Describes Nightmare Hit-and-Run Collision

Oceanside police looking for a motorist accused of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly running down a cyclist.

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Oceanside police are on the lookout for a hit-and-run driver accused of running down a cyclist Saturday morning. 

The victim's injuries include several broken bones. He was released from Scripps La Jolla Medical Center Tuesday night.

Police are investigating the hit-and-run as an assault with a deadly weapon.

Cyclist Adam Atkinson said the incident started about a mile from the collision with an exchange of words between him and the driver.

The suspect followed Atkinson and struck him from behind as he was riding eastbound on Vista Way and kept driving, according to the Oceanside Police Department.

From his hospital room, Atkinson, a former semi-pro cyclist, hiker, rock climber and spearfisherman said he's good for few steps down the hallway so far.

"It’s a disgusting feeling to have your leg, your bone clicking as you walk on it, as it moves underneath you," Atkinson said.

The collision broke Atkinson's pelvis in two places, as well as his elbow, collar bone and shoulder blade. Not to mention all the soft tissue damage.

"I heard a car accelerate, felt myself flying through the air, looked over, saw the car, same car I just talked to, then I hit the pavement," Atkinson recalled.

OPD said investigators are looking for a man in his mid-20s driving a four-door black BMW.

“If you choose to use your car to solve frustration then I don't really trust your decision-making in a number of ways on the road," Atkinson said.

Atkinson said he was cut off by the BMW near El Camino Real and Marron Road.

Atkinson said he took the opportunity to remind the driver of the serious consequences for hitting a cyclist. To which the driver shrugged and said “so."

"It’s going to change, definitely, the way I behave but it concerns me that person would still be out there,” Atkinson said.

While it could be six weeks before Atkinson is able to get around, when it's time to get back on the bike, he'll take a different path.

“I think I am going to do a little bit more mountain biking than road riding for a while," he said.

Police are asking for the public's help identifying the car and driver. The BMW sedan was damaged and lost a side mirror. Anyone who thinks they've seen the car is asked to call OPD

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