CSUSM Offers Harry Potter-Themed Study Abroad

A Harry Potter-themed study abroad trip? Accio, indeed.

California State University San Marcos is offering a three-week summer trip titled “British Culture and Harry Potter," though there’s a good chance Anglophiles will be overrun by the Potter devotees.

While earning three credit hours, students will traipse across the UK, visiting spots that inspired author J.K. Rowling to create the fictional wizard’s world.

They’ll also stop by many of the locations used to make the eight, hugely successful films – no transportation spell required.

Some of the highlights include visits to Scotland Yard, which served as inspiration for the Ministry of Magic; King’s Cross Station, home to the tourist-ridden Platform 9 ¾; Oxford Univeristy, where key scenes were filmed; and a tour of Edinburgh, Scotland, Rowling’s home town.

Participants may be able to cast a bit of magic of their own, for the trip even promises a real broomstick flying lesson at Alnwick Castle. How? We do not know.

And yes, some British studies will be involved, including critical thinking about "complex social issues relating to inequality, race, and gender within the context of contemporary Great Britain," the course description states.

Even if you’re not a CSUSM student, you can still join the trip.

But for those who take their quill and sign up, they'll need more than a couple gold galleons. The estimated cost is about $5,152, not including airfare.

Still, it’s hard to believe students would pass up on the chance to earn credit for nerding out on some trivia about Dumbledore, Tonks, Weasleys and the gang. If you go, send an owl back home with all the magical details.

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