Crash, Van Fire Back Up Traffic on I-15

Several people were injured in a chain-reaction crash that caused a van fire on northbound Interstate 15 in Miramar Wednesday afternoon.

At least five vehicles, including an RV, a van and pickup truck, were involved in the collision just before 2 p.m. at Miramar Way.

Scott Kamali said he saw the crash unfold when a van stopped in the middle of the freeway ahead of him.

"And as I saw it, about 100 feet in front of me, I saw a truck pile into it at almost full speed. He barely got to hit his brake," Kamali said.

As soon as the truck hit the van, it burst into flames. Kamali said he heard the passenger had to pull the driver of the van before he became more burned.

The crashed vehicles veered right, Kamali tried to turn right to avoid him. Just as he thought he cleared the crash, he felt a thud on his Jeep, which was being pulled by an RV. His dog was in the car, but he and his pet were uninjured.

The van was completely gutted by fire, and four lanes of the freeway were blocked, backing up traffic nearly to Friars Road.

After firefighters transported the patients to the hospital, CHP officers opened all the freeway lanes except the far right lane and Miramar Way off-ramp at 3 p.m.

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