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County Urges San Diegans to be Prepared For Emergencies

On the heels of several natural disasters, the County of San Diego is encouraging all residents to get prepared for emergencies for National Preparedness Month.

Hurricane Irma ripped through South Florida over the weekend, destroying almost 25 percent of the homes in the Florida Keys and knocking out power to 9.5 million customers. At least 44 people died due to Hurricane Harvey as it made a path through Houston, Texas more than a week ago.

In Mexico, the death toll from a massive earthquake rose to 96 Monday, according to the Foreign Relations Department.

"There are simple actions you can take that will be beneficial in a variety of disaster events," said Holly Crawford, director of the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services. "For example, knowing multiple routes to and from your work and home, registering your mobile phone with AlertSanDiego, learning CPR and learning how to turn off your utilities. These are all actions that will help your family and first responders during numerous types of emergencies."

Residents are urged to get prepared in case of an emergency and have a plan in place to help your family, as well as friends and neighbors.

According to a county website, here is a list of things you can do to get prepared:

According to a new study, the Rose Canyon fault, which runs through some densely populated areas in San Diego County, has the potential to produce a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that could also trigger a devastating tsunami

Although the study does not predict when an earthquake will happen, the data showed approximately 2,000 people could die.

You can get more information about specific hazards for San Diego County here.
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