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Coronado Residents Voice Noise Complaints About Wonderfront Festival

San Diego Harbor Police Department said they received 51 noise complaints

The first Wonderfront Music and Arts Festival wrapped up Sunday night in downtown San Diego, but police said the event was not without complaints.

The three-day music festival featured more than 130 bands on 10 stages stretching more than a mile from the Broadway Pier to the Bayfront Hilton. The event hit a sour note with some Coronado folks on the other side of the bay.

"It's constant boom boom boom, constant heart-throbbing, nerve-jangling, boom," Coronado resident Linda said. “[Electronic dance music] is boom boom boom for hours.”

She did not have a problem with all the music, she said, just EDM because of its louder bass. She tried calling noise complaint hotlines, but several agencies gave her the run-around saying it wasn’t their jurisdiction, Linda said.

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San Diego Harbor Police Department said they received 51 noise complaints spread over the three festival days.

The maximum noise level permitted was 85 decibels, police said, and on some occasions, officers directed soundboard technicians to lower the volume.

“I think there needs to be a better coordination with who’s gonna be responsible for monitoring the complaints and then doing something about it,” she added.

Another Coronado woman, who also did want to reveal her last name, said the concert was a “total annoyance.”

"I have a feeling they're not going to take it seriously. Because to me, it's all about money,” Teresa said.

As for concertgoers, they seemed to enjoy San Diego’s new music festival.

"It's nice to have another local festival where we can come to every year and rely on. I think it will be fun,” attendee Brittany Engel said.

Saturday’s top artists include MGMT, Migos, and Slightly Stoopid, while Sunday’s headliners include Latin favorites Francesco DeMeo and the Los Angeles Azules.

The festival’s general hotline is (619) 356-1639.

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