Cops: Serial Groper Attacked 13 Women

A young man wearing a hooded sweatshirt has attacked at least 13 young women on or near the UCSD campus since last May, investigators said.

"He hasn't used a weapon, he comes up to the victims from behind, gropes them and exposes himself before fleeing," Captain Shelley Zimmerman said. 

Police say the suspect attacked ten of the victims at Regents Road and Arriba Street and in most cases the attacks happened in broad daylight. 

"Just to hear dangerous things like that are happening, it's scary," UCSD student Chelsea Robertson said. She lives in the neighborhood where most of the attacks have happened.  "Me and my roommate carry pepper spray, and never walk alone at night," she said.

Three of the attacks happened last year at the UCSD campus.  Detectives don't believe the groping suspect is the one of the two men who raped two women in recent months. 

"He sort of fits the profile of a lot of people in that area, you're looking at a young adult male wearing a hooded sweatshirt," UCSD detective Melissa Collins said.

The suspect is described as a tan skinned male about 20-25 years old.  He has a thin build and is clean shaven.  He's about 5 foot 4 inches to 5 foot 10 inches with short dark hair.

Investigators believe there are more victims who haven't reported the crime.  They're asking anyone with information about the suspect to call police. 

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