Congresswoman Discusses Vet Support at Warrior Foundation Freedom Station

Representative Loretta Sanchez, senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, and former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy visited the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station in Golden Hill Saturday to discuss support for veterans. 

The station provides temporary residence and medical assistance for service members making the transition to civilian life.

Active duty men and women can move in before leaving the military so when they retire they're already making the transition.

The organization supports seriously injured veterans returning from war, PTSD victims, those undergoing physical or occupational therapy and those who have been medically retired.

“Several of my colleagues suggested that we come here today to take a look at what is happening with a foundation that is working directly [with] people who are still active in the military, Sanchez said. “I’m interested in the transition phase. That is where we seem to be losing our veterans.”

"We need to have both the federal government and private insurers pay for that kind of care,” Kennedy said about traumatic brain injury and PTSD, both of which are treated at the center. “The brain is an organ of the body that needs reimbursement for its illnesses just like every other organ of the body,” Kennedy said.

The Warrior Foundation is a non-profit and not affiliated with any other group.

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