Comic-Con Fans Go ‘EVO' For ‘Heroes Reborn'

For Comic-Con fans attending the “Heroes Reborn” panel -- understanding the possibility of being more than just “ordinary” resonated with them.

During the panel, in a scene from the series, Ryan Guzman’s character Carlos said, “It doesn’t matter how ordinary you are -- you have the potential to be heroes.”

Let that sink in.

The television mini-series stars superheroes or “Evos” who look and sound like “ordinary” people. The most unlikely, and crowd favorite hero is Hiro Nakamura played by Masi Oka, who made a surprise appearance at the panel.

“Heroes” creator Tim Kring opened up the panel by making a few, but huge, announcements for the show, which is making a return five years after the original series ended.

The series will include 13 episodes along with the release of a digital prequel series and video and mobile app games. Six “e-Novelas” will also be released. They will “bridge the gap” for some fans, Kring said.

Moderated by returning cast member Greg Grunberg, the audience was introduced to the cast of “Heroes Reborn” while AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” blared through the speakers.

With a song like that -- no one in the room could help but feel like a “badass” -- a term often used by the “Heroes” actors.

Ryan Guzman made a bold statement during his onstage entrance. Like Superman, he opened up his denim button-up to expose a Gordon Flash-inspired T-shirt emblazoned with a Mexican flag -- garnering tons of applause from his fellow Mexican-Americans sitting in the audience.

It’s plain to see “Heroes Reborn” champions diversity with a cast of faces that represent America’s melting pot.

Also in the house, giving their best to fans were: Gatlin Green, Henry Zebrowski, Judith Shekoni, Danika Yarosh, Rya Kihlstedt, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Robbie Kay and Jack Coleman.

Even the most die-hard of “Heroes Reborn” fans can get it wrong. One fan was jokingly corrected by Grunberg when he asked about character “HGR.”

“It’s HRG, but it’s all the same, HRG, MSG, but just don’t say PMS,” joked Grunberg, which got his fellow actors cracking up especially, Jack Coleman.

At the Comic-Con panel, Coleman described feeling like an “imposter” when it was time to wear the horn-rimmed glasses. But, once shooting began he said he eased into the depths of his character.

“Heroes Reborn” sets itself apart from the other superhero TV shows, in that audiences see it is the humans who possess a darker side and superheroes or “EVOs” are being treated as villains.

“The story changes considerably, the stakes are higher, it’s high drama,” Kring said. “Now, EVOs have to wake up knowing they have a power, but they are persecuted and exploited.”

During the Q&A portion of the panel, one fan tested the cleverness of each “Heroes Reborn” actor when she asked, “What would your character’s superhero name be if you could choose one?”

For a moment each actor’s face looked stumped. When it was their turn, pseudoFruedian thoughts were slipping everywhere:

  • Masi Oka (Hiro) answered, “Bad Mother****er Oka.”
  • Then there’s Rya Kihlstedt (Erica) who teased the Comic-Con audience. “I can’t say it in here -- I made it up in the elevator today, too.”
  • When nudged on by the audience, Kihlstedt’s admitted it would be the eyebrow-raiser name: “Super Vagina.”
  • Henry Zebrowski (Quentin) kept it goofy with “The Burrito Lord.”
  • Gatlin Green (Emily) couldn’t come up with anything, but she wanted it to start with the letter “G.” After what seemed hours, she nervously came up with “The Gggg Girl.”
  • Robbie Kay kept it “P.G. since everybody else clearly didn’t” with “The Magician.”
  • Danika Yarosh (Joanne) kept with panel’s favorite go-to word by calling herself, “Miss Badass.”
  • Ryan Guzman (Carlos) appropriately called himself “El Grande.” Grunberg quipped, “Is that your shoe size?”
  • Zachary Levi (Luke) continued joking with Comic-Con fans when he named himself “Benedict Cumberbatch,” as in the Oscar-winning British actor.
  • Jack Coleman quietly mumbled in signature Batman voice and honored his character HRG with the name of “Batman.”

Comic-Con fans were treated to watch an extended “Heroes Reborn” trailer, but what left most folks thirsty for more was the sneak preview to a jaw-dropping bloody fight scene a la Quentin Tarantino starring Hiro, Mohinder and one foreboding suited man.

To describe the fall season of “Heroes Reborn,” the only word that needs to be said, famously coined by rapper Black Rob, is “Whoa!”

Who’s side will you be on: The hunters or the hunted? You choose when "Heroes Reborn" premieres Sept. 24 Thursdays 8/7C on NBC.

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