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Clandestine Photographer Taking Invasive Videos, Photos of UCSD Women

A warning from campus police to UC San Diego students and staff: an unidentified person or group is taking upskirt videos of co-eds and posting them online.

There are as many cell phones as there are uses for them on UCSD's campus, but recording upskirt videos and posting them online is alarming to students.

"I was shocked," freshman David Keet said when she first learned about the videos. 

"What kind of student would do that? What kind of creepy guy would do that?" freshman Crystal Qi said.

Campus police said the perpetrator, or perpetrators, is secretly recording videos in multiple places at the school. On the website where the videos are posted, there are also several pictures of female students wearing tights and yoga pants.

"They shouldn't be self-conscious about what they are wearing based on what other people might see," freshman Elisia Mac said.

So far, the videos and images offer few clues as to who is behind the camera.

"I was really surprised, first off, that someone is doing this, and second of all, no one has really noticed it," freshman Brendan Lau said.

With so many students and so many cell phones, the suspect may be a needle in a haystack.

"We don't notice it because we are all on our phones but also if we do see something kind of suspicious we don't take action on it," Lau said.

Students are urged to report suspicious activity immediately and to take advantage of the campus safety escort service rather than walk alone.

They should also know where to find the blue light emergency phones and to think ahead.

"I'll just wear pants under the skirt every day," Qi said.

Campus police also suggested that if you see the suspected photographer, check your surroundings, stay calm and assess the situation. Concentrate on memorizing the description of the person and the recording device being used by the suspect.

When it is safe to do so, immediately call 911.

If you think you may be a victim, campus police want to speak with you. From witness or victim interviews, investigators are hoping to get together a good description of the person responsible.

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