Mayor Proposes 7% Hike in City's Budget, Millions More for Police and Fire

The first of five hearings is scheduled to take place Monday as city officials discuss how public dollars will be used in the next year.

Since the city is expected to bring in more money from sales, property and hotel taxes, Mayor Kevin Faulconer has pledged to dedicate more to public services and maintenance.

The mayor has proposed spending $3.2 billion, seven percent more than the current fiscal year.

Monday’s session in City Council will focus on the budget for police and fire departments.

For years, the San Diego Police Department has been losing trained officers to other departments around the county and state.

Mayor Faulconer wants an increase of $16 million for police, that's a 3.5 percent bump up.

Earlier this year, we already saw one of the largest police academy recruiting classes in several years.

The mayor is also proposing spending an extra $10.5 million on San Diego Fire-Rescue Department providing for overtime and two extra fire academies, that's more than a four percent increase.

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