Chula Vista Work Begins on Road Repair Tied to Half-Cent Sales Tax

Work begins in Chula Vista using funds tied to voter-approved half-cent sales tax

Chula Vista voters approved a half-cent sales tax to raise funds for road repair and other city expenses.

While the tax won’t begin until April 1, the work began Wednesday with a $3 million advancement approved by the Chula Vista City Council.

Streets will be upgraded because of Measure P.

At Floyd and Berland, city crews kicked off the first project to be funded by the half-cent sales tax approved in the November election.

In this neighborhood, roads are being re-paved.

John Carter has lived in Chula Vista for 56 years and he’s excited to see the work being done.

“Every street in every community needs to be repaired entirely and kept in good maintenance,” Carter said.

Jon Kennedy, who has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years said the roads really need repair.

“I drive off-road vehicles and it’s bumpy as heck for me. I can imagine people in really nice cars, it’s just got to be driving them up the walls, rattling their feelings going down the road,” said Kennedy.

Beginning April 1, the city’s sales tax will be 8.25 percent. This additional half-cent tax will last over the next 10 years.

The money from the tax is expected to raise $178 million that will go to improving parks and replacing failing infrastructure.

"This measure is aimed at the infrastructure itself, it does not include soft costs or personnel costs," Chula Vista's City Manager Gary Halbert explained in a November interview.

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