Freezing, Near Freezing Temps Reported in Parts of San Diego County

Residents in some parts of San Diego experienced the coldest night this autumn

Some San Diego communities reported temperatures at or near freezing overnight as chilly weather blew through the county Tuesday.

The storm system that created all the winds that caused damage in parts of San Diego has pushed to the east and in its place are winds from the cold, dry desert.

“I’m seeing widespread temperatures in the 40s and a few 30s out there,” NBC 7 Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh said.

“Bundling up but dressing in layers would be a good idea,” Kodesh added.

Pine Valley area saw temperatures near 32 degrees late Monday.

Couples cuddled against what they described as the biting cold outside the Viejas Casino.

Nearly everyone had winter coats and hats on while walking outside.

There were no weather advisories or warnings issued for the region Tuesday.

“It’s the time of year when these temperatures become common,” said Kodesh. “It’s just a little shocking to us, considering how uncomfortably warm this summer and start to fall were.”

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