Chelsea King Honored 5 Years After Death

Chelsea King, a Poway High School student that was killed by a sexual predator, is being remembered five years after her death.

The 17-year-old Poway High School student was killed in 2010 when she went out for a run.

In the following year, the King family worked to pass Chelsea’s Law in California, which enhances criminal sentences for violent sexual offenders that commit crimes against children.

The annual “Finish Chelsea’s Run” will take place on Saturday, March 7 to honor King. Chelsea Light Foundation’s Facebook page has suggestions for those wishing to honor Chelsea’s memory:

  • Tell 10 people about the run
  • Change your social media picture to a Chelsea’s Light Foundation image
  • Give a sunflower and hug to a family member or friend and tell them how much they mean to you.

In a statement, the King family thanked everyone for helping them carry a burden "that we felt would crush us."

"The community embraced Chelsea as their own. She became everybody’s daughter, sister, niece," the statement said. "You gave us such strength through the power of love that together we lifted our pain and were able to move mountains and embark on the race of our lives with you by our side."

The family said in a statement the pain is still present in their lives, but they no longer carry it alone.

"To see the joy of life expressed on so many faces at Finish Chelsea’s Run reinforces the power of an engaged community. It reinforces the power of hope," the family said. "It reinforces the beauty of our dreams. Come out and help us Finish Chelsea’s Run. Together we are protecting the joy and innocence of childhood."

NBC 7 is a television media partner of the run. You can sign up for the run by visiting the Chelsea Light Foundation's website.

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