Chargers All Pro Guard Walt Sweeney Dies

Walt Sweeney: "one of the greatest Chargers in franchise history" - team website

Former Chargers All Pro guard Walt Sweeney passed away over the weekend from pancreatic cancer.

Sweeney, 71, was in the Chargers Hall of Fame and a member of the Ring of Honor.

He played 181 consecutive games over 13 seasons. His career took its toll.

Sweeney played in the early steroid era, later got hooked on pain pills.

He sued the NFL pension plan, saying his playing days "ruined his life and made him unemployable" and won a $1.8 million judgment.

It's been said by many former players that the NFL's strategy concerning retirees is to "delay, deny and hope we die."

Sweeney could be the poster child for that assertion. Bright guy, a good guy.

Walter Francis Sweeney was 71.

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