Car Lands in Lakeside Yard, Again: CHP

The homeowner said it's the seventh time, the CHP says it's the fourth - either way this stretch of road has proven to be dangerous to drivers and residents

A car crashed through a wall and into the back yard of a Lakeside home Tuesday and the homeowner says it's the seventh time something like this has happened.

This is Winter Gardens Blvd and you can see the curve.

A man said he lost control of his car on the wet road while traveling on Winter Gardens Boulevard at 8:40 a.m.

The vehicle slammed straight into the back yard, going through a wall reinforced with steel as well as fruit trees, outdoor furniture, a grill and a basketball hoop.

This is the seventh time in 12 years a car has lost control on the curve along Winter Gardens Boulevard, according to the homeowner.

The last time was in October.

California Highway Patrol officers told NBC 7 this is the fourth time.

The man who lives at the home said he's been in discussions with county officials to put in a stoplight. NBC 7 is checking on that request.

CHP said the crash was a combination of speed, bald tires and wet roads.

“On rainy days, slow down,” said Sgt. Damian Budwine. “ You can't drive the normal 65 -75 mph that people tend to drive on the freeway, especially on the surface streets right after it starts raining. The roadways are just too slippery.”

The homeowner says in a way, he's lucky. His young daughters were at home and sometimes they play in this area.

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