Breakfast Celebrates 50 Years of United Farmworkers

Cesar Chavez Commemoration breakfast brings together both young and experienced leaders

The United Farm Workers, led by famed civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, is celebrating its 50th year in operation this month.

To celebrate, the Ceasar Chavez Commemoration Committee held a breakfast Monday morning, bringing together leaders following in Chavez’ footsteps.

Nearly 800 were in attendance at the breakfast, including Mayor Jerry sanders and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

The current president of the United Farm Workers Organization, Arturo Rodriguez was the breakfast’s keynote speaker. He recalled Chavez’ will and determination in his speech.

Rodriguez became the UFW president in 1993, after the death of Chavez.

Also at the breakfast, this year’s youth essay contest winner was announced. Ellen Douglass, 11th grader from Ramona high school won the essay contest. The Cesar Chavez Service Club from Monroe Clark Middle School was also in attendance.

“Chavez' determination reminds a new generation to continue his legacy of making this country a better place for all people,” said NBC 7 San Diego Reporter and the breakfast’s emcee Diana Guevara.

“It also serves as a reminder to bear in mind lead lives in which we serve and help others, especially the needy, no matter how difficult the challenge that choice may bring.”

The month-long jubilee celebration will hopefully help motivate young leaders to address civil rights issues in their community.

“We’ve made great strides, but there are conditions that are persisting” said Andrea Fuentez, president of the Ceasar Chavez Commemoration Committee.

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